Testing Overview


This document will walk you through the steps to tests the PartnerExchange API.  These steps are to test on our beta site.  Once testing is complete, please notify ArbiterSports support that you are ready to make this live and they will transfer the information.



  1. Email ArbiterSports support ( and click the submit request at the top of this page) with your end point URL for the API on your site.  ArbiterSports will set this up on beta before pushing it to production.
  2. Log in as an admin to our beta website (, and go to Settings >> Preferences and select to send officials’ data to partners when accepted.
  3. Send new games to that account (you will need to send them through the dataexchange API on beta, which is the same URL as live but with replaced with
  4. Assign officials to those games.  When assigning the officials you can mark them as accepted immediately.  Once accepted, the assignment information is sent across.  Assign games in published status and continue to the next step.
  5. Accept the game for the official as an admin or if you are an official in the account, you can assign yourself to a game and then accept it as the official.  Once accepted, the assignment information is sent across.



  1. Partners will only receive information if a) the game was sent to Arbiter using the DataExchange API from that partner and b) the account is set up to send officials information to the partner once it's accepted.
  2. From Note 1, in order to use the Partner Exchange API you must have previously implemented the DataExchange API.
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