May 14, 2014

  1. API
    1. Partners can provide a gameID from their system.  The gameID can be alphanumeric.
  2. Background Checks
    1. PDF with overview of account creating
    2. BackGround Check Disclosure
  3. Email
    1. Update emails to all come from ArbiterSports to avoid being marked as spam.
    2. Fix for emails to officials with special characters in their name.
    3. Fixed an error when assigning an official with no email.
    4. Fix to include group name on new game email
  4. ArbiterPay
    1. Fixed an issue that was causing the demo's to not work.
    2. Improved the request funds by check interface.
    3. Improved messaging system for support emails (you will now receive a reply directly to your email account).
    4. Improved response time for email requests.
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