March 27th, 2014

  1. ArbiterGame Schedule Performance
    1. We have a few additional updates for performance on the schedule page.  With some hardware changes last week, ArbiterGame is running faster than ever. 
  2. Schedule Print for Assigners – With the performance improvements we made to the schedule print, a bug was introduced that allowed assigners to see all games for an official.  This fix limits the schedule to the assigner’s group.
  3. ArbiterGame Schedule Updates
    1. Fixed a bug that caused the schedule filters to stop working.
    2. Adjusted how switching between views (list, month, week, or day) works.  This change makes managing your schedule much more fluid.
  4. Tournament transportation – Schools will be able to schedule transportation on a tournament.  For schools that use SchoolDude’s TripDirect, the transportation information will be synced.
  5. Deep Link to ArbiterLive – There was a bug that didn’t allow for a deep link to ArbiterLive (it would take them to a seemingly random school).
  6. Help Center Upgrades – We continue to work on the help center.  (  These updates still require a little work on my end to update our help center and is independent of the code release.
    1. This week  helped do some work in the product feedback area to color code the different topics (the color will match the product color).  This will also allow us to display a flag on product feedback that displays if the feature is planned or done.
    2. We are changing the way that a client can vote for a feature to make it more clear.  If you click on a product feedback topic on the right hand side (I’d suggest ArbiterOne because it has the most feedback), you will see that the items are sorted by votes in descending order.
  7. Misc bug fixes – We’ve fixed a few bugs throughout the site.
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