Mass Update Games to "Paid By Bill To"

This setting will need to be applied to the games where the school is responsible for payment to the officials. "Paid by Bill To" is also known as "Paid on Site" to assigners and contacts.

Here are a couple of ways that you update the games on your schedule to Paid by Bill To.

Manually applying the setting to the games:

- Click on your Assigning tab
- Find a game on your schedule that you need to update
- Click on the "Slots" over to the far right of the game
- Click on the edit pencil for the first position
- Check the "Paid by Bill To" check box
- Click Save

Repeat for all positions listed on the game

Mass updating the setting to the games:
There are a number of ways to filter out the games to mass update. The easiest way to update the games is by filtering for games that already have the Bill To listed on them.
Keep in mind that you can filter the games by date, sport/level, team, site etc...(what ever is easiest for you to call all the games up)
For further help with filtering games, please Click Here

- Click on your Assigning tab
- Click on the "New" button located toward the top of the page (to create a new filter)
- Scroll down towards the bottom of the page until you see the "Bill To" drop down menu
  - Select the Bill To in the provided drop down menu
- Click "Get Results"

This should call up all of the games that New Trier High School is listed on as the Bill To.

- Click "Mass Update" in the left hand column
- Check the "Paid by Bill To" check box
- Click "Begin Status Changes"

The system will then tell you that the changes you selected have been successfully applied to the games.

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    I ran this and it didn't work. I clicked on the Bill to- drop down box and selected "missing bill to" and then get results. I got about 20 games that were missing the bill to. I selected the mass update checked paid by bill to and hit begin status changes and nothing updated!