Alternate Internet Browsers

Here is a list of links to the 3 most popular internet browsers used today.
Downloading an alternate internet browser can be very helpful during the troubleshooting process to figure out if the problem you are experiencing is specific to the internet browser you are using.

The majority of people using a PC will be using Internet Explorer (default browser for Windows), and Safari (default browser for Mac).
If you are not sure what internet browser you are using, plesae click on the following link:

What Browser Am I Using?


Internet browser links:

Internet Explorer

Mozilla Firefox

Google Chrome


Once you download one of these new internet browsers, you may want to restart your computer for the new browser to complete the install.

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    Gary Scott

    I'm using Chrome 37 on Windows XP laptop
    I will try Firefox on Linux (Fedora 18) next.

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    Gary Scott

    Chrome 37 on Linux Fedora 18 works well
    Firefox 26 on Linux Fedora 18 works well