March 12th, 2014

  • ArbiterOne - ArbiterGame Integration
    • Fixed a bug that wasn't showing changed information when editing a game if the change was pending an assigner or opponents approval.
    • Option to delete any game.  When a school deletes a game all relevant parties are notified.
    • Option to edit any game.  Previously, if there was a pending change then schools weren't allowed to change the game.  If there is a pending change then the update
  • ArbiterGame Schedule
    • Updates When changing a contract addendum, the contract icon was showing green.  It will now show yellow as it is pending acceptance by the opponent.
    • Option to add a meet in ArbiterGame.  You an select multiple opponents when adding meets and give them a name. Fixed a bug where the transportation popdown was showing TBA times as 12:01 am.
    • Display GroupID and GameID on officials popdown on schedule page
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