March 6th, 2014

This release and the next few are focused on improving performance and ironing out scheduling issues with accounts using standardized (ArbiterGame enabled) teams, sites, and billtos.


  • Officials Registration
    • Fixed bug where officials were being removed from subgroups during registration
  • ArbiterGame Performance
    • Improved performance when accepting game contracts
  • ArbiterOne - ArbiterGame Integration 
    • Contacts Can't See Games with GCRs
    • ArbiterGame - TBA team on a Game Change Request Bug
  • ArbiterGame Schedule Updates
    • Fixed some scenarios where not all events showed on the schedule (still a couple scenarios we're finalizing)
    • Updated which information you see when you change the view you are looking at.  If you are on list view and click on month, week, or day view it will take you to the corresponding view where with the information of the first listed game in list view.  For example, if you are on list view on page 3 and the first listed item is on April 3rd, when you click on week view it will show you the week that includes April 3rd.  If you were to click on month view it would show April.
    • Fixed a bug where create event and new wasn't keeping the previous information.
    • Fixed a bug with validating facility times when TBA
    • Made common name removable
    • Fixed bug where common name with double quotes breaks schedule page
    • If a game has a contract addendum or notes on it, the field will auto-expand when editing the game
    • Updated how pending game change information appears on game edit page
    • Updated calendar view to be easier to read
    • Updated background on ArbiterGame
  • ArbiterGame Tournament Updates
    • Option to view/print tournament contract
    • Tournaments are included when mass publishing
    • Fixed a bug when choosing dates for tournament
    • Option to view the officials on tournament games from the Edit Tournament page.
    • Ability to assign your own officials to a tournament
    • Teams with tournaments can't be deleted
    • Option to add/display tournament fees.  The fees appear when accepting the contract and when printing the contract.
    • Updated status message for tournaments on schedule page
    • Fixed a bug where tournaments showed wrong level with mismatched teams
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