Introduction to ArbiterOne

Welcome to ArbiterOne!  Nearly 4,000 leagues and associations currently trust our software to manage every detail of their 5 million annual assignments – and now so can you.  ArbiterOne is meant to help you build your assigning business according to your needs, so we have provided you with resources to help you get started.  Click on the links below to navigate to detailed articles to get your group up and running in time for the start of your season.  We also recommend you check out our ArbiterOne Admin Tutorial for building your group.


  1. Adding Sports – These are the sports for which you assign officials, such as high school or recreational programs.
  2. Adding LevelsThese are the divisions of competition within the sports you assign
  3. Adding PositionsThese are the individual officiating roles you assign for each game
  4. Adding Sites and Sub-sitesThe places which host the games within your program.
  5. Adding Bill-Tos – These are the organizations responsible for paying officials
  6. Adding TeamsTeams are associated with the sports and levels you have created.
  7. Adding Sub-Administrators - Sub-administrators can be additional assigners, treasurers, and governing members of your assigning organization, who will assist in the management of your ArbiterOne account.
  8. Adding ContactsThird-party people associated with your teams, sites, or bill-tos, such as coaches, site managers, or school treasurers.
  9. Adding OfficialsYou can build your roster of officials here.
  10. Ranking OfficialsOfficials must be ranked for a position before they can be assigned to it.
  11. Setting PermissionsSet group access permissions for all users associated with your group
  12. Adding Games - Start building your schedule here
  13. Assigning Games - How to place officials on the games you have created.


Once you have your group up and running, be sure to check our other articles for additional ideas on how to optimize your assigning business.


Best Practices

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