January 31st, 2014

Sorry we didn't update this for a few months.  We were busy working on the items listed below and in the other release notes.

  • Released many bug fixes to emails.
  • Released updates on performance.  The performance issues were caused by a piece of code in our emails.  With this change we saw dramatic performance improvements.
  • Updated custom field options for eligibility requirements
  • Implemented Background Checks for officials through PeopleTrail.  The background check consent and status is available to the account running them and integrates with eligibility requirements when assigning.
  • Updated some bugs where TBA times were appearing as 12:01.
  • Introduced student certificates for ArbiterGame clients.  The student certificates use Neff standard certificates but can work with other certificates.
  • Option for ArbiterGame clients to change transportation even with a pending game change.
  • Track student letters and participation in ArbiterGame. 
  • Streamlined licensing for ArbiterOne clients to print an invoice online and a receipt.  All associations can now license ArbiterWorks products (registration, testing, online clinics, video).
  • Eligibility badges are displayed on officials page and when assigning.
  • Officials merge style roster can include registration information (from the new registration platform)
  • Fixed a bug where ranks were not kept after accepting group
  • Third party scheduling platforms can update the verified status on a slot through our dataexchange API
  • Fixed a bug where game fees could be changed by the admin on the game report after it was paid.
  • Limited the max page rows to 200 for performance tuning.  This allows the system to run smoothly across the board.  We recommend using the quick filters and fewer page rows for best performance.
  • Added an option to limit which settings are checked when a contact is assigning.  This greatly improves performance.  When the official is selected, the remaining settings are checked to ensure the official is available.
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