Service Interruption - Friday, February 28, 2014

Time is currently 10:30 am MST on 02/28/2014


We apologize for the timing of this morning's maintenance window, which is a continuance of the deployment early this morning.  We expect to be through with the maintenance within the hour and will continue to keep you updated.


Thank you

Arbiter Sports Support Team


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    John Van Warrebey

    Time is 1:15 pm EST:

    We apologize for the extended maintenance window and for missing the first ETA. The latest update is that it should be available by 1:30pm Eastern.

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    John Van Warrebey

    Time is 1:30 pm EST:

    Access to the website has been restored. We deployed code last night with many fixes and performance improvements. One fix in particular did not hold up well under extreme load so the site was put into maintenance mode while that was addressed. That has now been resolved.

    We will not deploy code again unless we know it has been tested under severe load, in addition to our standard regression testing.