Setting Up Self Assign

Self Assign is a feature that allows officials to assign themselves to games. You can give the permission to some officials, all officials, or no officials.

To give your officials the permission to self-assign you must:

  • Click Settings tab, Permissions sub-tab
  • Allow users to: Self-assign games (drop down menu)
  • On the left you will see officials that do not have permission to self-assign games
  • On the right you will see officials who do have permission to self-assign games
  • In the middle, indicate the number of days out you want the official to be able to see games (within 'x' days). If this permission is set to 30 days, the official will only be able to see games that fall within the next 30 days.
  • Indicate the number of game sets you want your officials to be able to assign themselves per day ('x' game sets per day). If this permission is set to 1 game sets per day, the official can assign themselves to any game once per day. Note: linked games count as one set.
  • Highlight the officials to whom you want to apply the permission set
  • Click the arrow pointing to the right to give them the permission set
  • Your officials will now appear on the right and will have the permission to self-assign

If you want self-assign to be an automatic feature that is on some or all games, you can do this by:

  • Clicking on the Sports/Levels tab
  • Click on the number of levels to the right of the sport
  • Select the number of positions to the right of the levels
  • Click the edit pencil to the left of the position name (you will need to do this to all positions you want to be self-assignable)
  • Check the box that says Self Assign
  • Click the save button in the top right corner
  • If you have games in your system a Change Related Slot Records screen will appear. Indicate which games  you want to update.

For specific date ranges, tournament, teams, events, etc. you can mass update the games that you want to be self assignable by:

  • Filtering for the specific criteria (date range, teams, etc.)
  • Clicking mass update after filter is applied (top left corner)
  • Check the Self-Assign box
  • Leave change to: box as Self-Assignable
  • Click Begin Status Changes (top right corner)
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