Linking ArbiterPay & ArbiterSports

Many assigners and schools use ArbiterPay to pay their referees for their work.  If your association uses ArbiterPay, you can link your Official account to your ArbiterSports profile, where you can see your current available balance.  This article will explain how to link your ArbiterPay account to your ArbiterSports profile.

Note:  You must have a pre-existing ArbiterPay account before you can proceed with these instructions.  If you have not created an ArbiterPay account, click HERE to register.


Linking Your Accounts Together

  1. Sign into your ArbiterSports Account.  If you are associated with multiple officiating groups, select any group that has a "Payments" tab.
  2. Click on the "Payments" tab.  This tab will be visible to the left of the "Blocks" Tab.
  3. If your association uses ArbiterPay, click the "ArbiterPay" sub-tab, located in the grey ribbon beneath the Payments tab.

  4. Type in your ArbiterPay username in the Username text box, and then click on the  icon.

  5. Verify that your ArbiterPay account number is accurate.
  6. Check the boxes for all Arbiter Group IDs you are associated with, located on the right side of the page.
  7. Enter the numeric Security Key/PIN from your ArbiterPay Account to authorize ArbiterSports to link your accounts.
  8. Click the  icon to save your information.


Once your information is saved, ArbiterSports will display your ArbiterPay account number connected to each group that you officiate for, along with the current available balance.  You can then contact your assigner or anyone else who is trying to pay you, to notify them that your account is linked.  They can now transfer funds directly into your ArbiterPay account from ArbiterSports.


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  • Avatar
    Gregory Lane

    I'm on NCAA Volleyball Central Hub - I'm still waiting to receive my packet including the current volleyball rule book. I'm register to PAVO but need to register to NCAA Volleyball Central Hub since I paid my membership to PAVO through Emi Vishoot. I need help.
    Thanks, Gregory Lane

  • Avatar
    John Evans

    @Gregory Thanks for bringing this to our attention. I've made sure that this has been turned into a help support ticket, and we have sent you an answer via email.

  • Avatar
    Karen Druffel

    I got approved for the ArbiterPay account but there is no tab for it in my ArbiterSports account.

  • Avatar
    John Evans


    The Payments tab is for officials to sign in on their accounts and link ArbiterOne with ArbiterPay. For admins, such as yourself, click on the Payroll tab, and then click on the ArbiterPay sub-tab.

  • Avatar
    Karen Druffel

    @John Evans - The sub-tab was presenting. I called support and they had to do "something" more on their end, then cleared cache and logged back in. Now I have the ArbiterPay sub-tab. :}

  • Avatar
    John Evans


    This can happen for groups that do not utilize the full Payroll feature on their account. We perform a simple update on the account, and it doesn't affect any other feature on your group.

    For anyone else who does not see the ArbiterPay sub-tab, feel free to Submit a Request to our customer support.

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    This site is so trash. Been trying to link ref pay for a week now. Get one email a day from support on articles that i've already found.

  • Avatar
    Jorge Ovalle


    I believe you have been emailing us and we sent a reply over to you. I see that you encountered an error when you tried to link the accounts for ArbiterPay, but it looks like it's set up now. You should be set to get paid.

  • Avatar
    Brian Deiderick

    I am unable to link my Arbiter account with my pay account. There is no "Payments" tab anywhere on the page!

  • Avatar
    Doug Rush


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