How do I get access to my schedule?

If you are not an existing member with a specific assigning group or organization, you will not be able to register yourself as we do not have an open registration process available.  If you happen to know any information about this group, that we can use to reference them, we can get you in contact with their assigner to add your slot in their roster of school/team contacts.


Useful informtation to reference an assigner or organization:


-  Organization name (Ex:  NCAA Women's Basketball)

-  Assigner's full name 

-  The name of a fellow school/team contact

-  The name of a current official who works with this assigner


With this information, we can do the research in our database to find out which assigner we need to connect you to, and provide their assigner or account administrator to add your name and email address to their roster.


Simply send us the aforementioned information to with the request, and a brief description of what account access you need, and your school/team name so they can also connect your account to view those schedules.

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    I am a USA Swimming official. I have completed and passed all assignments required. I have not been given an assigner nor have I had an email from anyone. Please hook me up! 757-376-8606 Frank W COX High School is my home team. I will gladly work all swim meets for them and the one either before or after :) Preference is CTS or computer but can work S&T occasionally. cannot work two S&T sessions back to back.

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    Loren Macnab

    I don't know what is going on, the changes that happened today or yesterday are enigmatic. First, I could find no log in button, then I cannot find my schedule. I am scheduled exclusively by Marcus Eng's Sports Officiating Network. MESON

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    Walter D Little

    I am unable to get into the Arbiter site to accept or decline games

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    I need 101330 NHFOA added to my site for football officials

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    Richard Tucker

    How do I get an icon for my phone to log in to arbitersports official