Travel Limits

The Travel Limits page will allow you to tell the system how far you are willing to travel, as well as where you are leaving from for specific days of the week.


Here are the steps to set the Travel Limits up:

  • Sign into the account you want to set these Travel Limits for
  • Click on the Blocks tab
  • Click on the Travel Limits sub tab (located in the grey sub tab bar)
    • If you are not seeing this tab, that would indicate that the assigner for that group has not given you the permissions to "Set Travel Limits"
  • Type in the postal code you travel from in the provided "Postal Code" text box
  • Type in the Distance you are willing to travel in the provided "Distance" text box
  • Check off the days of the week that you want to apply this specific postal code/distance combination to
  • Click Apply


The system will then apply both the postal and distance to the days you selected.

Click Exit when you are finished.


If you are not able to find the Travel Limits sub tab, please contact your assigner to have the permissions granted for you to "Set Travel Limits".

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    William Kamenel

    A well written synopsis. I will try to apply what I learned here to the site now.

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    Gale Teschendorf

    Is there any way to see the distances to the sites before we are assigned?