Why Don't My Fees Show On Games?

Not to worry, just about everyone has been there.  You take the time to set up game fees and bill amounts, cascade them to your games, then jump over to the games screen to see all of the updates.....but the game didn't update. 

Note:  Managing fees is only available on accounts that have payroll.

Here are the most common reasons we see fees (game fees and bill amounts) not updating.  I recommend selecting one game that isn't working and fixing the issues with it.  Typically when you correct one game you correct all similar games.

  1. The game doesn't have a billto.
    To help avoid paying officials without charging for the game, game fees only apply to games that have a billto on them. Check to see if the game has a billto by clicking on the edit pencil next to the game.
  2. An evaluator position is changing the number of officials.
    Fees are determined based on the number of officials assigned to the game.  If you only want to pay the Referee and Umpire but the game has an evaluator on it, you will need to mark it as a three man game.  If you never pay evaluators you can go into preferences and remove evaluators from payroll.  In that case, the example above would be considered a two man game.
    The preference setting should be checked if you don't see the evaluators as an option when setting up fees.
  3. There are multiple fees for the game.
    Fees are applied with an order of operations.  The most specific game fee or bill amount will be applied to a game.  For example, if you set up a billto specific 'Varsity Referee' game fee, it will override the default (no billto selected) 'Varsity Referee' game fee.  The same goes for bill amounts.  We suggest only choosing a specific league or billto if that league or billto has a different pay amount.  Most associations can get by with no billto selected.
  4. The games are Linked.
    If the game you are checking is linked, there is a chance that a $0.00 game fee is set up for the linked set.  As stated in #3, the more specific game fee will be applied.  If the game is linked you want to make sure that you don't have a fee set up for multiple games (in payroll, linked games are selected by choosing multiple games).  By default, cross level fees do not display so you will want to check that box as well.

If none of these solved your issue, please contact our Support Department with the specific game that isn't updating along with your group ID.

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