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This document goes over some of the specific actions you can take with the other group administrators that you can add. For the purposes of this document, "primary group administrator" refers to person in whose name the account was created, and "group administrator" refers to all others.



Filtering allows you to view your group administrators if they match certain criteria you have set. To filter group administrators, click on the USERS tab, then the GROUP ADMIN sub-tab. On the Administrators page, click on the Filter link.  Enter the criteria you want to filter.  Filter criteria is cumulative. In other words, each group administrator must qualify under each of the fields and not just any one of them.  Use an asterisk (*) to have the system look for a wider range of values that meet a certain criteria. For example, * will return any email address that ends with


Sending Welcome Email

The welcome letter contains information about with instructions on signing in along with the user’s account name and password.  A link is provided to which will help group administrators log on.  The welcome message can also be used to remind the group administrators to sign in, to continue use of their account, or as a reminder if they forget their email address or password.


Sending Emails

You or any other group administrator can email the other group administrators within the group. The recipient list is populated by the current filter. Click the Send button when you have finished composing your email.



Refer to the Scope document.

Add Group Administrator

NOTE:You will need to purchase a license for group administrators to be available.

To add a group administrator, click on the green plus  icon.  This will take you to a step by step process to enter in the group administrator's information.  The first screen prompts for the first name, last name, and e-mail address.  The first name and last name fields are required but an e-mail address is not. However, if an e-mail address is not entered for the group administrator he or she will not be able to log on to

If the e-mail address you enter is recognized as a current user, you will see a message that says that the e-mail address is already being used by someone in the system.  If the person displayed is the person you want to use, click Next. Otherwise click Cancel.  Clicking Next will take you to a page that states that you cannot use this person until they log in to the system.  Their personal information will not be visible until they accept to be part of your group.  If you want to input their information immediately, click the checkbox to do so and then click the Next button.  Note that the information you enter will be overwritten once the group administrator accepts to be part of your group.

Entering Personal Information

None of a group administrator's personal information, such as address, SSN or DOB is required. Once you have entered in the desired information click 'Next'.  The group administrator's Title explains their role in the group, e.g. Sub-Varsity Group administrator.  The only required field on this page is "Header 1."  Note that the header lines will determine what displays on the invoices as the source/return address on invoices and paysheets.  Click the Next button.  The confirmation page lets you know that the group administrator was added successfully.  Click the Finish button.


Edit Group administrator

Note: If a group administrator has another ArbiterSports account, their address and phone number information will NOT BE EDITABLE.

Personal Information

Click the edit pencil icon to the left of the group administrator’s name. To change the e-mail address of a group administrator you must first click the Remove E-mail Address link and then enter in the correct e-mail address.

Phone Numbers  

You can access the Phone Numbers page from multiple places. First, you can click on the phone icon  to the right of an administrator’s name. Secondly, you can click on the phones link on the left side of the Edit Administrator page. On the Phone Numbers page click the green plus icon to add a new phone number. Select the phone number type from the drop down list and type in the phone number. Any characters are allowed in the phone number field. Type in any notes for this phone number and click the blue disk icon to save the phone number. To edit a phone number, click the pencil icon and adjust the phone number information. To delete a phone number click the red 'X' icon. When the confirmation box appears, click yes.


Permissions determine what a group administrator is allowed to do within You can set permissions from the Edit Administrator page (click the edit pencil next to a user's name) or by clicking the Settings tab then the Permissions sub-tab. To learn more about setting permissions please see the page titled "How do I set permissions?"


Description of Group Administrator Permissions

Group Administrators have some different permission than other users. We wil highlight some of these differences below.

Sign in the system – Allows the group administrator to sign into your group.  Without this permission group administrators have no access to the group administrator account you created for them.

Add/Delete games – Allows the group administrator to add new games and delete existing games.  This does not allow them to assign officials to the games.

Edit games 'x' days in advance – Allows the group administrator to assign officials and to edit existing games.  You must set the limit before moving the group administrator over to the allowed list. This limit determines when a group administrator can no longer assign or edit a game because all "short-notice" requests need to be handled by the primary group administrator.   Enter "0" as the limit to allow the group administrator to edit any game at any time.

Mass publish by officials - Allows the group administrator to publish games to the selected officials (the All column) on the officials page by displaying the Publish link in the left hand column.

Mass publish by games - Allows the group administrator to publish games on the Games & Assignments page by displaying the Publish link in the left hand column.

Add/Delete officials – Allows the group administrator to add new officials and delete existing officials.

Edit permissions – Allows the group administrator to edit the permissions for officials and contacts.

Rank officials – Allows the group administrator to add, delete, and edit officials' ranks.

Edit sports/levels – Allows the group administrator to add, delete, and edit sports, levels, and positions.

Edit payroll – Allows the group administrator access to the features under the payroll menu (only applicable to groups licensed for full payroll).



The License link gives the primary group administrator and other group administrators the ability to increase the license for the group as needed.

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