Mass Linking Games

Mass link allows you to have multiple sets of games that need to be linked together; you can mass link various sets at one time.

Mass link finds games to link by the date and site. If the games have the same date and the same site, it will assume they need to be linked given your parameters.

To mass link games, please create a filter of all the games you want to link. If you need assistance creating a filter please click here.

  • On the left hand side of your screen, under Utilities, select the mass link option.
  • Select Mass Link Games to link, select mass un-link games to un-link multiple game sets.
  • Indicate the potential maximum minutes between games (if the first game ends at 5:00 PM and the second game starts at 5:30 PM, you will want to enter 30 in your maximum minutes between games box).
  • Indicate the maximum # of games per link set preferred (if you are linking two games together, this number will be 2). Note: The maximum possible games that should be linked together should be indicated as the number of maximum games per link set. Depending on the game and site, the system may link less than the maximum. 

Example: If you have entered 50 games in your schedule and realized that you didn't link the JV and Varsity games together, you can quickly update these games using the mass link feature. If the end time of the first game is 30 minutes prior to the start time of the second game, you will want to have a maximum minutes between games set to 30. Because you are linking JV and Varsity games, you will want to set the maximum number of games per link set to 2. This will link all of your JV and Varsity games together without you needing to link them individually.

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    Karen Druffel

    I can't seem to get the mass link feature to work. I have four games being played in a row at the same site/field. There is five minutes between game end and start times. I have the games showing in my filter, select Mass Link/Un-link, select Mass Link Games button, set the time to 0 and games to 2. At the bottom it shows me the correct list of non-linked games. Then I hit Process, it runs, but doesn't link any of the games. The list at the bottom the says Games not linked: and lists the same game numbers. Is there another step or setting? I also tried it with Minutes set to 1 and with 5, but still didn't work.