Why Can't I Add/Edit a Game?

In many areas, team contacts (coaches, leagues, etc.) are allowed to add or edit games.  However, there are some cases where those options aren't available.

  1. You can only edit games on the team schedule.  Site and billto contacts cannot edit games.
  2. The ability to edit a game is a permission granted by the assigner.  The assigner can set the number of days before a game that a contact can edit a game.  Once the game is within that number of days, only the assigner can edit the game.  This helps avoid surpise changes.
  3. Once officials have been assigned, only the assigner can edit the game.  This allows the assigner to decide to keep the officials on the game or change them due to the changes.
  4. Contacts can only edit home games.



There is one exception to the rules listed above (except the home team rule).  If the assigner marks the team as contact assigned (in some areas the teams get their officials), then contacts can edit games even if officials have been assigned and at all times.

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