ArbiterPay FAQs (School Staff)

How much does ArbiterPay cost? 

ArbiterPay transaction costs are based upon the dollar amount being paid to Officials. In most cases, transaction costs are lower than the actual cost of issuing a physical check.

Are there hidden charges?

We don't believe in hidden fees. Our pricing is fair, open and set in such a way that a long term mutually beneficial relationship can be created for all who choose to use our service. ArbiterPay Pricing is available online. 

Does my School have to sign a lengthly contract?

ArbiterPay does NOT require a time specific contractual agreement to use the payment network. Requirements to use the system are found in the User Agreement. You can stop processing payments through the network at anytime without cost or obligation. We're very confident you'll find substantial value in our offerings that we don't feel any need to “lock you in.”

How is my School protected?

ArbiterPay takes privacy and security very seriously. ArbiterPay is designed to protect all parties. Our Privacy Policy is TRUSTe certified and the website is secured by McAfee and GeoTrust, both industry leaders. All ArbiterPay funds are held in escrow and managed by a Trust Bank and are never in the possession of RefPay management or employees. Best of all, ArbiterPay is majority owned by the NCAA, a company you can rely on.

Are my Schools funds FDIC insured? 

Yes - protecting client's funds is of vital importance to ArbiterPay. As your agent, we place your funds in a pooled escrow account at an unaffiliated FDIC-insured trust bank(s) or savings institution(s), which are eligible for pass-through FDIC insurance coverage. Your balance placed at the bank is subject to FDIC pass-through deposit insurance coverage, along with any other deposits you hold at that bank, up to a total of $250,000.

How much does product support cost?

ArbiterPay does not charge Payers for product support calls. Support hours and contact information can be found on the Contact Tab. To avoid excessive staffing costs we've created an internal messaging system that allows you to communicate directly with our staff for non-urgent issues.

The quickest way for you to resolve any problem that may arise is through the online messaging system. You'll have access to the system after you login to your account.

Can I have seperate accounts for each sport? 

Yes. You can have multiple ArbiterPay accounts all under the same username. This allows you to keep money used to pay Basketball Officials separate from money used to pay Soccer Officials, etc. Paying different Sport Officials all from the same account works great as well. You can structure the system however it works for you.

Who sends 1099's at year's end?

ArbiterPay provides a tax reporting tool that schools, leagues and associations may utilize if they choose. At year's end, Schools who use the tax module create a report that calculates all payments made to individual Officials. A 1099 is then generated and placed inside each Officials personal tax folder inside ArbiterPay. Groups who choose not to utilize the ArbiterPay tax module will continue to send 1099's as they always have.

Are all payments combined into one 1099 at year's end?

All Payments made through ArbiterPay are recorded on a Tax ID to Tax ID basis. Payments are combined with other payments from the same Tax ID number NOT other Tax ID numbers. School Districts who have multiple Schools operating under the same Tax ID number can easily get a combined district total of all payments to one Official regardless of where the Official works within the district. Tax compliance has never been easier!

Who collects W-9's?

The ArbiterPay platform stores a W9 for each Official in the system. When payments are made by a School to an Official our system checks to see if a copy of that Officials W9 is stored in your Schools individual tax folder inside ArbiterPay. If no copy is found, the system automatically places a copy of the Officials W9 in your folder. All W9's are stored digitally in one place so the next audit is a breeze. Once again, tax compliance has never been easier!

Can my District Office audit my account?

Yes – ArbiterPay's platform allows for an Auditor account to be set up so all transactions at a School level are transparent at the District Level.

Can I talk to a live person in support? 

Yes - our support hours are listed on the Contact Page. We are closed all federal holidays. To avoid excessive staffing costs we've created an internal messaging system that allows you to communicate directly with our staff. The quickest way for you to resolve any problem that may arise is through the online messaging system, but you're welcome to call at anytime during regular business hours.

Is there a User Manual for Schools? 

A PDF document is available below  You can reference the guide as needed or contact our customer support for any additional help.



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