Why Haven't I Received My Payment?

ArbiterPay improves the speed and reliability with which you are paid.  However, you may not always see funds in your account when you expect them. The two main causes of this are that you haven’t been paid for officiating yet, or that you’ve transferred the money to yourself, but it hasn’t arrived yet.  This article will cover common solutions for both of those issues.


Why haven’t I been paid for officiating, yet?

  1. Your administrator/school hasn't issued the payment.  ArbiterPay facilitates the process by which officials can be paid electronically, but we do not issue the actual payment.  Your paying administrator (your assigner, school, league or whoever pays the officials in your area) will still need to submit the payment.  If you do not see any transactions on your account, it means that the paying administrator has not submitted payment for you yet.


  1. Your ArbiterSports and ArbiterPay accounts are not linked.  In order for your paying administrator to pay you via ArbiterSports, your ArbiterSports and ArbiterPay accounts must be linked together.  If the accounts have not been linked together, then your administrator will be prohibited from issuing payment through ArbiterSports.  Click the following link for instructions on how to link your ArbiterSports and ArbiterPay accounts.


I’ve transferred the funds to myself.  Why haven’t I received my money?


  1. The transaction is still pending.  Transfers take time.  Electronic Funds Transfers (to your bank account) can take 2-3 business days before your bank will release the funds.  If you transfer your funds by mailing a check, it can take even longer for it to arrive in the mail.  The US Postal service can take up to 10 business days (two weeks) to deliver a check to your mailbox.

    You can check your account history to verify if any of your transactions are executed, or still pending.  On your Accounts page, click on your account number to see that account’s details.  This information includes the available and current balance, total pending transactions, and a transaction history list for all executed transactions.  If your transaction isn’t listed in the executed transactions section, then you should see it numbered as a pending transaction.  If your transaction isn’t pending, nor listed as an executed transaction, then you should request the transfer again from the Transfers page.


  1. Your bank account information or your mailing address is incorrectIf you entered an incorrect checking account or routing number, your bank may reject your transfer request, and your ArbiterPay account will be charged a $5.00 ACH rejection fee.  Even worse, if you request a check and have an incorrect mailing address, not only may your check get lost in the mail, but you may be charged a $25.00 Stop Payment Fee to cancel the check before it ends up in the wrong hands. 


A quick review of your profile information may save you time and money.  Click on the links below to make sure that everything is accurate.

Adding/Editing Bank Accounts in ArbiterPay

How To Cancel A Mailed Check



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  • Avatar
    Greg White

    I requested a. Check for 305 to be mailed over a week ago and have not received it

  • Avatar
    Keilyn Ellis

    I cannot receive payments

  • Avatar
    Jose Melchor - Toledo

    it been a month I haven't received
    any payment my balance is $ 0.00
    I need help

  • Avatar
    Marshall VanderMey

    My log shows two transactions as executed, however, Arbiter Pay has not sent the EFT to my bank yet. I'm getting a message that says I exceeded my EFT transfer limit of ten in a month but it's my understanding that there is no limit. Can someone please explain to me why this is happening?

  • Avatar
    Jesse Irby

    Arbiter wont let me link to arbiter pay & now the ad’s that have my payments are calling me at home to try and get them to me. Why wont the accounts link?