September 5th, 2013

  1. Updated the Payroll module. You can now create pay sheets for your all your officials by selecting  "All" from the top of the officials list
  2. Updated the Claim a Game feature to not look at site of the game. It now looks at teams and time of game
  3. Updated the game change email to include changes to sub sits
  4. Add Pay Travel option to mass update
  5. Updated Eligibility to only allow officials in the group to access the tab
  6. Fixed bug with cascading game fees
  7. Fixed bug that made it look like you could assign a game imported from ArbiterGame before you have accepted the contract for the game.
  8. Fixed bug with Eligibility feature where it would not show completed Eligibilities
  9. Fixed bug when merging officials that caused an error when the official was in ArbiterGame
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