Copy Schedule to Following Year

 To copy your games to a future year, please follow these instructions.  The basic gist of what we will be doing is to copy an export of games into an adjusted file to import. 

  1. Go to the games page.
  2. Filter out the games that you want to copy forward.
  3. On the left, select the Games CSV file under reports.  This will open an Excel file on your computer.
  4. Keep that file open and go back to your browser.
  5. Return to the games page and select the import option on the left under utilities.
  6. Open the import template on your computer.
  7. Now for the trickiest part (once you've done this a couple times it's not very hard and you'll know how to use at least one formula in Excel):  Changing the date to be a year in the future.  This isn't quite as simple as adding 365 days to the date because most of the time you will want to keep games on a certain day of the week.  So let's get started.
    • Right click on column C and choose the insert option.  That will create a new column.
    • In cell C2 type the following "=b2 + 364".  The 364 will work for normal years.  If it is going over a leap year you will need to add 365.  Press enter.
    • Cell C2 should now be one day before cell B2 because it will keep you on the same day of the week.
    • Now copy cell C2 and highlight all other cells in column C and paste the copied information.  All of the cells will move forward.  Use this column for step 8.
    • Note:  You may have noticed that this method has one flaw.....eventually your football team will be playing in June.  Every few years you will need to actually add 371 days to move the date forward.  For example, using the method above will eventually have a late August game on August 22.  If that's the earliest you ever want the schedule to start, the next year you would add 371(2 based on leap year) days to the schedule to push the game to the 28th.  Then the cycle starts over.
  8. Copy the columns from the Games CSV file to the Import Template. 
    Note:  During this process is where you will swap home and away teams.  Simply copy the home team column from the Games CSV file to the away team column on the Import Template and then copy the away team to the home team column.
  9. Once you have moved all of the columns over to the Import Template save this to your computer.
  10. If your browser is still on the import page, browse for your file and then click import.


    • This requires a copy of Microsoft Office or comparable product that allows edit of .xls worksheets.


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    Has a new routine been added which makes copying a season's schedule easier?
    Is there a video yet?

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    Nathan Evans

    Allan -- No tool yet. For the video, our documentation team has been working on some other things. I have sent this to them to get put together.

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    John Evans


    The video tutorial for this process has been added at the bottom of the article.