Rainouts: Best Practices

Below you will find tips on marking games rained out and canceled

  • Rained out games do not free up an officials’ availability. If you want them to be available for other assignments during the original game time, mark the game as canceled rather than rained out.
  • When changing a game status, you will be brought to a Confirm Assignments page. If you do not send out emails from this page, then the respective statuses for the officials’ will not change. If you navigate away from the page without sending notifications then the officials’ statuses remain the same.

  • When a game has been marked Rainout, Canceled, Forfeited or Suspended, all the official slots are changed to “published” and the game will then show in the “Future games with issues” filter.  As indicated in the previous bullet, this only happens if you select the option to notify the officials after changing the game status.

  • Rainout, Canceled, Forfeited or Suspended are automatically “accepted” when officials go to their schedule page. This lets the account administrator(s) know that the official has viewed the change. When all the officials have seen the game it will no longer show in the “Future games with issues” filter because all of the slots will be marked “accepted”.

  • Officials using ArbiterConnected can receive text messages to notify them of the games changes.  Text message notifications follow the same rules as described above.

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