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This help article will break down each feature/option available to you as the Admin of your association.


Time Zone: Modify the time zone in which the association is located in.

Page Size:  When viewing grids of data (Users > Officials, Contacts, Games, etc.) this value will determine the default amount of rows visible within the group.

Date Range: This gives the admin the ability to set a default date range that will auto populate when creating Reports

Defaulting Printing Format: This will appoint the default file type when printing/exporting reports and the like.

Game Time Step:  When creating or selecting times for a game, this will default the amount of time within the drop down. Admins will have the options of 5, 10, 15, 20, 30 or 60 minutes




Official Travel Limit:  When adding in new officials, this value will be their default travel limit in miles.

Import Games From: When utilizing an API to import games, this selection will determine which group(s) the admins are able to pull information from.

Automatically Import Teams that are not Already in My Group: When importing games through the "Import" feature, this selection will allow the system add in new teams that are not already present within the group.

Make the Site on the Game the Default Site for the Home Team: Upon import, this selection will have the system recognize the site as the default for the new home team. 

Send Officials' Data To Partners Once Games are Accepted:  This selection will dictate whether or not the system sends over the game information to the third party that the game was imported from.  (this is only in regards to the API related imports)

Group Nickname:  The group nickname will be what users see on the top right hand side of their screen when acting within the group

Auto Accept Games From ArbiterGame That are More Than "X" Days Out:  For games in ArbiterGame that have your group as the appointed assigning group, this value will allow those games to auto accept "X" days out as opposed to requiring the assignor to manually accept the games. 




Number of Days Officials Have to Accept Games: After the assignor assigns the game, the official will have "X" amount of days to accept the games.

Enforce the "Accept By Date": If official(s) do not accept the game within the number of days they have to accept by, this assignment will be considered declined and will become available for the assignor to assign again. 

Do Not Allow Officials to Decline Assignments:  This selection will allow/disallow the officials the ability to decline assignments.

Lead Official to Submit Game Report: The drop down will determine which official on the game will be considered the "Lead Official" that is required to submit the game report.  

  • VerifyThis selection will dictate the games and slots being verified or not once the report is submit
  • BoldBy selecting this option, the lead official on the game will be identified as the official whose name shows in bold font.

Allow Non-Lead Officials to View Game Report: This selection will determine whether or not officials other than the Lead Officials will have the ability to view submitted game reports.

Allow Contacts to View Game Report: This selection will determine whether or not the school contacts will have the ability to view the game report that was submit by the officials.

Allow Officials to Set Self-Assign: Start Date, Site & Sport/Level indicate which filters are available for them to search for self-assignable games.  Checking the boxes will provide the officials with these options when setting filter parameters.

When Officials Decline Games: This drop down determines what occurs when an official declines a game.  

  • Block Whole Day will throw a block on that officials entire day within the group.  
  • Leave Day Open will keep the day open for that official to be assigned for any other game within the group.  
  • Block Game Time Range will block out the time frame of the game that the official just declined.  They will be able to be assigned to any other games in the group that do not overlap with the declined games' time range. 

Do Not Include Evaluator in Payroll: If the group has an evaluator only position within any sports/levels you can exclude or include them in the payroll when processing payments.  Checking this box will exclude the evaluator.

Allow Official To View Pending Games on Calendar: This selection will give the official the ability to view pending games.  Note: Pending games will ONLY show up in the "Calendar View" of their schedule tab and on their blocks calendar.  These pending games will not show up in "List View".

Require Score on Game Report for Official: Requires the official to input the game score of event officiated.  Selecting this box will make it a requirement. 

Enforce Sports Eligibility Period When Assigning: This selection will allow the assignor to override the eligibility period that is present on each official.

Use Hold Dates: This feature gives you as the assignor the option to withhold game details such as site and home/away teams when assigning a position onto a game.  If a hold date is selected on a slot, the assignor can then release the withheld information by selecting "Hold Date" under the Utilities section on the left hand side of your screen when on the Assigning tab. Once in the "Hold Date" screen, select "Release Game Details" and hit "Update Games"

Require Comment When Declining:  This selection will determine whether or not an official is required to comment as to why he/she has declined a game assignment.  

Account Currency Type: The drop downs give the option to select US Dollar or Canadian Dollar for the type of currency

Show Game Count Column (Officials View Page):  This selection will determine whether or not the admin will see the game count for an official when on the Users > Officials Tab under the "Games" Column. If this goes unchecked, the word "View" will be present in the "Games" column as opposed to the game count.


These options here determine which filters are run when showing the list of officials to assign.  Upon selecting a specific official, all filters below will run to ensure the official has no issues.  Note: Each selected filter will increase the time it takes to view the list of officials.

Blocked Dates: This filter will take into account the blocked dates that the official has added on his/her calendar.

Blocked Teams, Partners, Sites and Postal Codes: This filter will take into account the blocked teams, partners, sites and postal codes that the official has added onto their account.

Distances: This filter will take into account the travel limits based off the zip code that the official has on their profile and the zip code of the site for the game that is being assigned.

Days Per Game, Home Team, Away Team and Partners: This filter will take into account the potential game conflicts that could be caused by the assigning settings the group has on the specific Sport/Level that is getting assigned.

Max Games Per Teams/Per Year: This filter will take into account the potential game conflicts that could be caused by the assigning settings the group has on the specific Sport/Level that is getting assigned.

Games Per Day, Week and Total: This filter will take into account the potential game conflicts that could be caused by the assigning settings the group has on the specific Sport/Level that is getting assigned.


Group Contract: If the assignor wishes to have a contract that needs to be agreed upon when an assigned game is accepted, here is where this contract can be drafted.  If the check box is selected, the contract will be a required step in order for the official to accept the game. 

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