Linking ArbiterGame & ArbiterPay Accounts

If you pay your officials from your ArbiterGame account through ArbiterPay, you can link your Paying Administrator ArbiterPay account with your ArbiterGame account.  This gives you access to see your current available balance while in ArbiterGame and will make the payment process more efficient.  This article will explain how to link your ArbiterPay and your ArbiterGame account.  


Note: If you have not created an ArbiterPay Paying Admin account, click HERE to register


Linking Your Accounts Together

  1. Sign into your ArbiterGame account.
  2. Click the "Payments" Tab.  This tab will be found towards the top of your screen in between the "Students" & "Teams" tabs.4-13-2017_3-27-54_PM.png
  3. After clicking into the "Payments" tab, to the right hand side of your screen you will see a green box with the selection to "Link Your ArbiterPay Account".Step_3.png
  4. A new window will pop up titled "My ArbiterPay Accounts", select "Add Account"
  5. Type in your ArbiterPay Paying Account Username then select "GO"
  6. This will auto populate the account number affiliated with that ArbiterPay username. Verify that this number is correct.
  7. Input the Security Key / PIN (4 digit number) that is associated on your ArbiterPay account. Click "Save"
  8. The next screen will show which ArbiterPay account(s) you have linked in your ArbiterGame account. Hit "Close"
  9. Now, when you click back into the "Payments Tab" the ArbiterPay account will be linked and you will be able to view your "Available Balance and you will no longer have to input your ArbiterPay account information each and every time you pay out officials as this information will auto populate.




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