Pay Officials in ArbiterOne (Contact)

  1. Schedule Tab, Schedules Subtab
  2. Press Pay Officials for the Bill-to you’re needing to pay

Note: If you do not have a Bill-to row with a Pay Officials button, please contact your Assigner and request that you are given the relationship with the bill-to you are responsible for.

  1. On the Approve Payment page, check the boxes next to each official you’re needing to pay.
  2. Double check that the correct amounts are in the fee, travel, and per diem columns.
  3. Input the ArbiterPay Account details that is funding the payment (Account Number, Security Key, and Payor TIN)
  4. Click the Approve button


  1. The Review column can be disregarded
  2. Click Show All to view previously paid slots
  3. Link your ArbiterPay account to see the balance
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