Create Crews

  1. Go to Assigning > Sports/Levels
  2. Click Crews under Utilities in top left corner
  3. Choose the sport in the Sports dropdown
  4. Add a Crew Chief by clicking the first Insert button
  5. Select an official from the list of Available Crew Chiefs and they will be added as a Crew Chief
  6. Click Close to the right of “Available Crew Chiefs” after selecting the Crew Chiefs
  7. Add Crew Members by clicking the second Insert button
  8. Select the officials from the list of Available Crew Members and they will be added as Crew Members under the highlighted Crew Chief
  9. Click Close after selecting the Crew Members

Assign Crews

  1. Go to Assigning > Games
  2. Locate the game you’re needing to assign a crew to
  3. Open the slots by clicking on the numbers in the “Slots” column
  4. Click the Assign button next to the lead position on the game
  5. Check the Crew Assign box to filter only officials that are part of a crew
  6. Locate the Crew Chief and assign them to the position
  7. The Crew Members will automatically be assigned to the remaining positions

Tips & Troubleshoot

  1. Officials can only be Crew Members under one Crew Chief
  2. Rank each crew member for the applicable positions in that level
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    Phillip Allen

    Officials no longer in my Arbiter group show up in the list for adding crew members to a crew; how do I delete them?