Meetings, trainings, or any other important meetings can be scheduled through Arbiter’s Event tab. Any event created will show on the official’s schedule.


Creating an Event

Adding Invitees

Publishing/Cancelling an Event

Deleting/Editing an Event


Creating an Event

  1. Click the My Group tab
  2. Click the Events sub-tab
  3. Click on the Green Plus Sign
  4. Complete the Event Details
    • Event Name: The name of the event
    • Display Note: A quick note about the event
    • Location: Where event is located
    • Attendance: Select Mandatory (required) or Elective (optional)
    • Start: Event start date and time
    • End: Event end date and time
    • Price: Cost of event, if applicable
    • Accept-By-Date: The date invitee has to accept or decline event
    • Max Attendees: The maximum capacity that this event will hold
    • Accepted: Number of users who have accepted event
    • Category: Ties events to a category name, which can then be tied to an eligibility requirement
    • Event Counter: Links event to a custom field, which can then be tied to an eligibility requirement and/or shown on an official's profile
    • Reminder Date: A date that an email will be sent to remind the invitees about the event
    • Details: Any additional details about the event.
  5. Click on Save


Adding Invitees

After you have made a new event, you’ll need to specify who will be invited to the event.

  1. Click the Blue Numbers displayed in the Attendance column
  2. Click the Green Plus sign
  3. Select names in the left hand box, these are the users being invited to the event.
  4. Click on the Blue Arrow pointing to the right box
  5. Click Exit


Publishing/Cancelling an Event

Publishing: Publishing the event will send out an email notice about the event, after invitees have been selected.

  1. Click the Calendar located in the first hand column
    • A blue notification will generate "Published successfully and invitation emails have been sent"

Cancelling: Events may be cancelled when the event will no longer take place.

  1. Click the Chain Icon Link located in the first column
  2. Next to the event’s name, click on the Chain icon link.
    • The status of the event will be changed to Cancelled and a notification will be sent out to the invitees.
    • The event will be unpublished and no longer show on the user's Schedule tab


Deleting an Event

After an event is no longer needed in the Arbiter, deleting that event is recommended.

  1. Click the Red X located in the first column
  2. Confirm the deletion of the event by clicking OK

Editing an Event

Any information on an event can always be edited and updated

  1. Click the Edit Pencil located in the first column
  2. Edit any fields that need to be updated
  3. Click Save

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