Under Assigning tab, you will see a Distances sub-tab.  This sub-tab allows the assignor to adjust the distances between two postal codes as desired.  This becomes very important if adjustments need to be made to Travel formulas.


Standard Distances

Group Customized Distances


Standard Distances

Due to our integration of third party software, our postal code to postal code distance calculations may occasionally be off.  It is important to know that if it is off in one group, it will be off in all other groups that you use. If you would like to update this calculation to be a number that is more correct, you may do so by completing the following:

  1. Navigate to the Assigning tab and Distances Sub-Tab
  2. Select the Starting Postal Code using the drop down. This will update the list of ending postal code options listed below so that they show the Distance between the two postal codes.
  3. If you desire to edit one of these, Click on MapQuest text under the Edit Distance column of the Distance you want to adjust.
  4. Two pop ups will be displayed. First, a tab for mapquest (managed by mapquest) trying to find the exact distance between the two zip codes. Second, a tab for Arbiter asking for the distance in miles. Enter the amount in the Mapquest Distance box. You are welcome to use other Distance calculation tools (like Google Maps) to determine this distance if you prefer.
  5. Once the Distance value has been entered, Click on Update.

After this has been done, the distance will change. Keep in mind, that for this to apply to any travel fees you have previously setup, you will need to Recalc Travel for those games with the postal code selected.


Group Customized Distances

If you would like the distances to be changed but only for your group to show a more specific distance, choose Group Customized Distances.

  1. Navigate to the Assigning tab and Distances Sub-Tab
  2. Click on Group Customized Distances under the Distances title.
  3. Select the starting postal code
  4. Choose the ending postal code and click on the pencil located to the left of the postal code number.
  5. Enter the new distance in the Distance Column
  6. Click on the blue floppy disk icon to save it.

If you need to reset a distance back to its original distance, click on Reset to Standard under the Custom column.

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