Assigning Display Settings

Within the Assigning tab, you may alter the display of the rows per page or add extra columns for more information about the game. This is found on the Assigning tab at the bottom left-hand side under the Display section.


Rows (1-100): This field is to edit the number of rows you would like to see per page.  This value must be between 1-100. Enter in the box how many rows you would like to see and click on Save Page Rows after the desired number has been entered.  The view of games will update to show the specified number of rows.

Show All Slots: This opens up all of the slots for the games on the current page. You can click this option again to close all slots.

View Bill To: Check this box in if you’d like to see a column of the Bill To’s on each game. This function is very helpful when it comes to game fees and bill amounts since a Bill To is needed to cascade the fees onto a game

View Priority: When you are setting up a game, you are given the option of designating a Priority for that game.  The “View Priority” option allows you to make that value visible for the displayed games.

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