Assigning Tab Reports

On the assigning tab, you will find a function to print out your games according to your filtering options. Assignors typically use this function if they would like a copy of games before deleting games or want a hard copy of their games and assignments. Always having a copy of your games is a recommended safe practice for the Arbiter. There are two types of reports. Games and Games CSV file.



Games CSV file

Game Report



If you want to put your games on a PDF file or something similar, this option best fits your needs.

  1. Go to the Assigning tab and Games sub-tab and click on the blue Games link located under the section of Reports.
  2. Select the export format
  3. Select the page settings that the export file will include.
  4. Click on Print Preview. If you have pop-up blocker turned on, you may need to allow it for the file to pop up.


Games CSV File

This format is best used with our import utility if you need to re-add games to your system since the formatting is relatively similar.

  1. Go to the Assigning tab and Games sub-tab and click on the blue Games CSV File link located under the section of Reports
  2. The system will start to automatically download the file onto your computer


Game Report

Assigners can configure their account to request that one of their official fill out a Game Report for games they work. Within the game report the official will be able to note if their partners were on time, late or a no-show. They will be able to put the score for each team, and any other comments they believe the assigner would need to know regarding the game.

The report will show up as an report.png to the far left of a game for officials or as a game.png to the far right of a game for assigners. Until the report is filled out icon will be red. Once the report is filled out and sent to the assigner for approval, the icon will turn yellow. The icon will turn green once the assigner has approved/accepted the game report, and verified the game. 

Note: The icon will only be visible to officials after a game is completed.

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