November 2nd, 2017 (V37.3)

This release adds 4 new features and fixes 3 issues across 3 products.  Highlights include:

  • Profile picture for Admins
  • Pay for tournaments using ArbiterPay in AG



New Features

  • Added the ability for Assigners to have profile pictures if they only have an Admin account.

Defect or Bug

  • Item # 40042: Corrected scope issue that would cause scope to be applied to pages other than the Games page, display an incorrect game count when acting as an Official, and display the wrong information when acting as the Official. Scope does not apply when acting as the Official.
  • Item # 23997: Fixed an issue that caused a failure in sending the New Game email when an assignment was set as Accepted by the Assignor.


New Features

  • Added a report for Participation Fees. The report will be in Excel format and contain information about Teams, Games and associate fees and fee status will display on the report.
  • Added the ability to pay for Tournament fees through ArbiterPay.

Defect or Bug

  • Item # 17351: Corrected an issue that caused students that already graduated and incorrect gender to be pulled into the Eligibility report.


New Features

  • Removed six options for Skins to build out your Central Hubs pages. Two options were kept, which covers 99% + of all selections.

Defect or Bug

  • None
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