June 14th, 2017 (V36.1)

This release adds 10 new features and fixes 9 issues across 3 products.  Highlights include:

  • Updated the messaging on sign in to simplify the process
  • AG updates to managing teams
  • AP enhancements to tax reporting data entry



New Features

  • Added better messaging to help users that are having trouble logging into the site. The updated messages are for invalid emails, invalid passwords, and when your browser session has timed out and you need to update some settings in your browser for sign in to function properly.

Defect or Bug

  • Item # 403518: Corrected an issue with the Bill-To Payments report that was timing out when large date ranges were selected. Typically, this was happening at more than one full year of data. The solution was better error messaging, so that we give you information to make the report run.
  • Item # 199120: Fixed an issue that caused blocks to not be removed from the display of the Schedule page and the Assigning page as an Assigner tries to add the Official to a game, even though the block was removed by the Official.
  • Item # 399833: Updated the Authorize.Net payment process to correctly accept Transaction Keys. This was an issue for a handful of accounts, but caused payments to stop.
  • Item # 315571: Corrected an issue where Game Reminder email were being created later than the setting specifies they should be.
  • Item # 383638: Fixed an issue with the Merge Style report where incorrect custom field names were displaying when pulled into the report.


New Features

  • Added a feature to allow Schools to lock down their teams, so that a new team can’t be added to their school by someone else.
  • Simplified the deleting of teams when and made sure you cannot move existing games to a team of a different sport.
  • In AL, when you are looking at the schedule of a particular team, the team you are looking at will be bolded to make the information more readable.
  • Moved the Opponents Schedule report to the new reporting tool.
  • Updated the Awards by Student report to include the sport and level of each team, and options to filter by student grade, team sport, gender, level, and participation level.

Defect or Bug

  • Item # 359481: Fixed an issue where games could be added to a Tournament after the Tournament end date.


New Features

  • Updated the Company Name field to be Business Name to conform with other ArbiterSports products.
  • Tax identification number entry has been updated to make the process more obvious and simple. This includes entry for SSN, EIN, and Canadian SIN entry.
  • We now indicate which tax identification numbers have been verified with appropriate agencies.
  • There is now a selectable entry of whether you want to track your taxable income as an individual or business.

Defect or Bug

  • Item # 346949: Corrected an issue that prevented the automatic transfer from triggering properly on some accounts.
  • Updated the registration process for Officials, Paying Administrators, Schools, and Auditors to be able to enter SSN/EINs more easily and be able to select the method for reporting taxes.
  • Simplified the process for Canadian Officials and Paying Administrators to register and use the SIN, which is the tax identification number for Canada.
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